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Turkish Doctors Offer Medical Help To Tanzanians

A group of Turkish doctors from Turkey's Aegean region are offering medical help to Tanzanians.

A Turkish medical team comprising of 20 doctors, who have recently arrived in Tanzania for the third time, examined patients and distributed mosquito tents in the country's semi-autonomous island Zanzibar.

Turkish doctors, who have examined nearly 400 patients in Zanzibar so far, distributed a total of 3,000 mosquito tents in an effort to fight with malaria, the cause of 25 percent of deaths in Tanzania.

"One mosquito tent protects 3 children against mosquito bites. Our goal is to reduce the number of deaths in Tanzania," Aegean Health Association's (ESADER) chairman Dr. Metin Akdag told AA.

Akdag said that Turkish doctors would continue to offer medical help to Tanzanians until August 8.

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