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Russian Classics Exhibition to Open At an Istanbul Museum

A Russian classics exhibition will open at Istanbul's Pera Museum on November 4, a museum statement said on Wednesday.

The exhibition titled "Scenes from Tsarist Russia: 19th Century Russian Classics from the State Russian Museum Collection" will open its doors to art lovers at the Suna and Inan Kirac Foundation Pera Museum on November 4 and offer scenes of Russian history through Russian realist paintings.

This will be the first time in which a selection of masterpieces will be displayed in Turkey.

Including works by leading artists of the period such as Repin, Yaroshenko, Makovsky, Kuznetsov and Kasatkin, the 65 paintings selected from the rich collection of The State Russian Museum in St Petersburg reflect the abolition of serfdom and the subsequent period, both of which hold a crucial place in Russian history. It appears that this radical change, which took place in 1861, also led to a transformation in the Russian painting, which was traditionally based on academic principles.

Driven by the urge to depict life in a natural manner, the artists of the period began to choose their subjects not only from the lives of the bourgeoisies, but following this monumental change, but also from among the themes of poverty, life in the countryside, children, and the changing social values.

The exhibition will stay open till March 20, 2011.

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